Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Air Conditioning Systems do not keep last forever, and any individual who moves into another house is likely going to require a new one. You should ensure that you get the best proficient professionals you can discover to handle with your Air Conditioning Installation or Replacement in Tampa, FL. By getting your A/C done by our certified technicians, we can guarantee a ​ hassle-free and better overall working system. You’d be stunned how much better your A/C System will serve you throughout the years if it’s installed appropriately. Get in touch with us to get familiar with A/C Installations in Tampa, FL today.

We also recommend having a new thermostat when installing a new A/C unit. We highly recommend the brand we work with “Nest Wi-Fi Thermostat”, having a new thermostat allows your A/C to run more efficiently. We also do replacements on old A/C units, if you wanted to upgrade the thermostat for your specific needs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Although is it impossible to completely prevent your air conditioner from wearing down over time/years of usage. However, there is a way to prevent ​ problems​ /expensive repairs that can come up from years of use. Precision A/C, Inc. ensures that your maintenance can ​ allow

There is nothing you can do to completely prevent your air conditioner from wearing down over years of use. However, there is a way to limit the problems that can arise due to wear and tear as much as possible. At Precision A/C, Inc. we want to provide you with quality ​air conditioning maintenance ​for Tampa, Florida to ensure you get the most out of your current system.

AC maintenance can improve the energy efficiency of your system by up to 40% and reduce the number of repairs or further problems developing by up to 90%. However, you should make sure you have it done by a contractor you can trust. It is recommended by our professional technicians to do preventative maintenance at least once a year, it will allow a much healthier and ​ longer-lasting ​ system. Give us a call for maintenance today!

Air Conditioning Installation in Tampa Fl

An air conditioning system isn’t optional in the Tampa Bay Area or Florida summer weather. At many times of the year. But not just any AC can cool down a house, and not just any contractor can deliver a professional and quality air conditioner installation. You have found the right experienced contractor who can provide you with ​air conditioning services including AC installation and replacement- that will keep your home cool. Make the right decision and call Precision!

At Precision A/C, Inc., we take pride in doing jobs with integrity, honesty, and ​ in-depth professionalism. We like our clients to feel like family since we are a ​ family-owned business. Our dedication to quality has made us a ​ 5-star review company on Google. You can trust us to select the right air conditioner to meet the comfort needs of you and your family, and we’ll install the new cooling system right the first time. We’re licensed ( License No: CAC1820314 ), insured, and associated with the best knowledge​ 5-star​ skilled technicians.

We have serviced the Bay area for over more than 20 years, let us take care of the hard work for you

Not All Air Conditioning Systems Are Right for Your House

Because air conditioning systems do their jobs out of our sights most of the time, homeowners never truly think about anything else aside from the cool air they are receiving from their system.

But ACs are complicated machines, and there are many types and sizes out on the market. If you try to pick your own air conditioner or leave the AC service to an amateur/beginner, there’s a good chance ​ you’ll end up with a system that won’t fully cool your house, or wastes energy, and fails early.

Any air conditioning service should come from licensed professionals. To install a new AC, a professional must locate an air conditioner with efficient cooling power for the home but one that isn’t however too powerful that it will drain energy. The professionals will consider many factors about your home to make sure they install the ideal and correct new AC – one that will work efficiently and ​ long-lasting.

Different Kinds of Air Conditioning

The most basic type of AC people have in their homes is a ​central air conditioner which uses inside and outside cabinets and ductwork. This is not the only option available in the market. We install ductless mini splits,​ which offer cooling without the need for space for ductwork. This is an excellent and high demand choice for smaller or older homes without the room for ducts. We also install heatpumps​, which work like split system ACs, except they can switch the direction they operate so they work as heaters when necessary.

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  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Central AC System Installation
  • Ductless AC System Installation
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